amarley gipson

2023 Class Valedictorian
A’Marley Gipson


 A’Marley LaChasity Gipson, born on March 24, 2011, is the daughter of the late Antonio Gipson, Sr., of Webb, Mississippi, and Ieesha Harris, of Tutwiler, Mississippi.  A’Marley has three siblings: Antonion Gipson, Jr (15), A’Riah Gipson (10), and A’Mirion Gipson (4). A’Marley has been a stickler for learning since she was a toddler. She could count and say her ABCs at the age of two. She graduated from PreK with prestige honor from Elohim Learning Center before attending R. H. Bearden Elementary School.

A'Marley has always excelled in school, earning her place on both the Superintendent’s and Principal’s List since Kindergarten . She has been a member of Gifted since the 2nd Grade. Although, she is so sophisticated, her favorite word is “Bruh”.

Initially, A’Marley’s father wanted to name her Princess because that’s exactly what she is to her family. Although she didn’t get the name, she has been wearing crowns for quite some time now, from her early life to the present.

In her spare time, A’Marley likes to spend a lot of time alone in her room or playing with her little brother Mirion and aggravate her mother excessively. She’s her mother’s rich best friend because she is big about saving her money while she spends other people money. A’Marley loves to take family vacations and buying shoes. She aspires to be a Pediatric Doctor in her future.